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Only a balanced approach to your finances would help you to stay afloat in these tough times. Refocus your budget and try to live within your means. The end of the year promises some good returns through real estate deals and long-term investments you planted in yester-years. Libra guys would get good energy from many sources around this year. However nervous overloads, stress and strain might take a good toll on your general health and well-being. Do not scatter your energy instead remain focused all these days. The middle of the year would be quite tiresome with personal and professional priorities hogging you.

Major physical challenges are also on the cards for some Libra guys. Take some risks, do not indulge in eating and take good rest. Find ways to cleanse your physical and mental self and this would go a long way in a healthy you as the year unwinds.

Through the year , Libra guys might encounter many rifts and difficulties in their family life. You ought to take certain risks and major decisions to save some relationships at home. Concentration and focus would be the need to tackle turmoil. Peace and happiness would prevail at home as the year advances. Then you would have time for rest and relaxation with family and friends around the middle of the year.

You need to avoid quarrels and misunderstanding in the home front this period. Be sincere and committed in your relationships. You would be able to discover the really interested alliances at home these days.

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A good time for forging new ties as well. Certain painful decisions and choices have to be made around the end of the year, but that would be your Hobson's choice. It would be a good year for your journeys, Libra. There are probabilities of abroad journeys too and in the middle of the month you shall be travelling because of your work. In long journeys you are advised to be cautious about your health. January gives you ample time to do things that you are interested in, Libra.

You would be quite active all through this month. This is a time when you can choose things or relationships. And you would have the freedom to think and do what you like rather than being dictated around. A sense of positivity looms around this month in the life of Libra folks. New thoughts and ideas come to the fore helping you to come up in your professional standing. The period also favors extension of your social circle. Your energy would be spent on things that you cherish.

You also stand to get into the good books of elders and authorities related to you. With Mercury retrograde around, March would bring about relationship issues at home.

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You would be facing misunderstandings and difficulties of sorts. Do give priority to your loved ones this time of the year. They need your shoulder to rest on now. Rely on revamping, repairing and refocusing for now. Mercury retrograde effects still linger on hindering your positive moves for now.


Do things that you have postponed of late. This is a good time to concentrate on certain areas that need proper attention for the long term.

Watch out for lost relationships. Work on adjustments with near ones and try to rope in peace at home. May calls on Libra people to stick to familiar grounds. Do not venture into unknown territory for now. This is a good time to start new ventures. Your energy levels would also be quite good for the start-up. Though trouble lurks around in some corners, you would come out unscathed thanks to your positive thinking. Libra guys would get more consideration than ever before in their personal and professional life as June sets in.

Do not rely on others for almost everything. Live it alone and enjoy the pleasure of eating your own fruits. This is also not a period to get too emotional or passionate, maintain your dignity else those around might utilize this for their own personal gains. Your ideals in life would now see the light of the day, Libra. Try with all your might and you can hit a new high as the month progresses. There would be an overall progress in life. Set aside some time for leisure activities as well and this would boost your perfromance and confidence level.

Work on your dreams, passion and interests during this August. This is a time to forego old ideas and look on accomplishing new tasks. Some passionate moments are also forecast for Libra guys during this month. During September , you would be giving up some relationships from your team. However there would be passion and an emotional connection with the love of your life.

Much responsibilities come to you, it is better you delegate tasks rather than single-handedly tackle them. Libra natives would need to relax and lay low as October arrives. Do not venture into anything that cannot be handled easily. Do have fun and focus on your personal interests rather than yielding to circumstances around.

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Be lazy if you feel like too. With Mercury retrograde around, Libra guys would see a scattering away of their energy levels.


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