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However, there are some other serious issues in his life; but he is very much alive.

As we can see in the above vedic astrology horoscope that both the luminaries the Sun and Moon and Lagna lord Mercury are conjunct with Rahu in Cancer zodiac sign. Jupiter and Saturn are placed in first house; and Mars placed in tenth house is having its aspect on first house of the Lagna Chart.

The placement of Jupiter in first house of his Lagna Chart is looking to have provided some good support in countering the inauspicious influences generated in the horoscope. And, though the native did survived; he still faced serious problems in many aspects of his life. Vedic Astrology lesson — Rule four for Balarishta: The placement of Saturn in tenth house, of Moon in sixth house and of Mars in seventh house is being told to generate Balarishta longevity issues to the child as well as to the mother.

This rule is based upon bad placement of the Moon as well as the mutual disposition of cruel planets Mars and Saturn in the angular houses seventh and tenth houses respectively. The practical applicability of this Yoga is also looking doubtful as such the strong placement of Lagna lord; and influence of auspicious planets on the horoscope are capable to provide good amount of support. Vedic Astrology lesson — Rule five for Balarishta: Even well placed moon in first, seventh or ninth houses can cause death, if it is afflicted by malefic planets either by aspect or union.

This is also not looking much possible during current times. The strength of Lagna lord; and the nature of influences on second and seventh houses are also required to be considered for having a clear picture about the strength of the horoscope in terms of longevity. Vedic Astrology lesson — Rule six for Balarishta: Saturn in first house, Jupiter in third and Moon in eighth house also generate longevity issues.

Again, the applicability of this Yoga may not be good; until and unless the other factors like the Lagna lord and Maraka Bhavas are suffering from severe afflictions. Besides this, the signs occupied by the planets may also have a good say in deciding the applicability of this Balarishta Yoga. For example, in Libra Ascendant Tula Lagna , this may not work at all. Saturn and Moon will be exalted in first and eighth houses of Libra Ascendant; while the Jupiter will be in its zodiac sign.

And, then, all three planets are expected to give strong and auspicious results to the native. In my opinion, the inauspicious influence of these planets on the longevity of the person will be more prominent in Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio and Pisces Ascendant.

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I have got one horoscope in my collection discussed at the end of this article , wherein the above rule is partially applicable; however, the child could not survive more than a month. Vedic Astrology lesson — Rule seven for Balarishta: If the Sun placed in first or ninth house and at the same time Saturn is placed in seventh house; and Jupiter is united with Venus in the eleventh house, the child may not survive.

However, the disposition of these planets in Navamsha Chart as well as current operating Dasa will also have a say. The rules is based upon influence of enemy planets on each other Jupiter and Venus as well as disposition of Saturn in seventh house, where from it can cast its inauspicious aspect on Sun placed in first or ninth houses. Vedic Astrology lesson — Rule eight for Balarishta: If cruel planets are placed in twelfth and sixth houses; OR the cruel planets are placed in second and eighth houses; and Lagna is also afflicted by malefic planets — it can cause death in infancy.

The applicability of this combination is quite possible. The mutual aspect influence of cruel planets on each other either in twelfth and sixth house OR in second and eighth house can generate threat to the longevity of a person, if the Lagna is also afflicted by malefic planets. This applicability of this rule will be more prominent in even sign Ascendants i. Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces; while the Ascendants of odd signs may not be much influenced by this planetary placement. And, off course, the disposition and strength of Ascendant lord will have prominent say in deciding the level of inauspicious influence.

Vedic Astrology lesson — Rule nine for Balarishta: The presence of malefic planets in first and seventh houses or in seventh and eighth houses may generate death during infancy if the moon is also united with cruel planet. The influence of auspicious planets may provide support and are also capable of diluting the impact of Balarishta.

The applicability of this rule is also quite possible. The affliction of malefic planets on first and seventh houses or seventh and eighth houses as well as on the Moon general significator of health and longevity during infancy is capable of causing Balarishta.


The Paksha Bala of the Moon is also required to be considered for application of this yoga. Vedic Astrology lesson — Rule ten for Balarishta: If in a vedic astrology horoscope, the Saturn is placed in twelfth house, Sun is in ninth and Mars in eighth house; and these planets are having no aspect from benefic planets — this may generate immediate death. This rule is based upon malefic influences on second, third and eighth houses along with diluted strength of luck to protect. Both Saturn and Mars will be having their aspect on second house; both Sun and Mars will be having their aspect on third house; and the eighth house will be carrying the heat of the Mars.

The Sun placed in ninth house will also be suffering from aspect of Saturn. The applicability of this rule will depend a lot upon the planets placed in Angular houses Kendra Bhavas and disposition of Ascendant Lord.

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My opinion: In my opinion, the following factors should be considered to check if the Balarishta is actually operational on a horoscope or otherwise. In addition to above, the Vedic astrology horoscopes of the parents will also have a great say in deciding the level of impact. If at the time of birth of a child, the horoscopes of the parents are having inauspicious planetary dasa specifically related to family and progeny i.

Chapter VI. On Balarishta Or Early Death

For more clarity, I would like to present the following horoscope for consideration. In this vedic astrology horoscope, the lagna is occupied by exalted Rahu and Saturn. However, the child died within one month of his birth. The reasons behind the Balarishta in this horoscope are discussed below:. Here is another and very similar vedic astrology horoscope of a child, who died within one month.

The life and death are most sensitive sections of a Human life. And no matter how hard one tries; or how competent and knowledgeable one is — accurately deciding the longevity of a person is very risky and tough task. But as they say, during doubtful circumstances, it is always better to take precautions and exercise caution. Sir, My son born on 20th April , 8. Now he is in ICU and having lot of health issues. Please confirm if he has balarishta and how to overcome this.

New born baby horoscope analysis / Balarishta Dosham

She also has got some health issues. Is that due to Balaarishtam?

Will she over come her health issues, when this dosha over. The worry here is, she has got hearing related problem and there is no medicine for her. I just wanted to know is that due to balarishta? Will she over come by that. First, the provided birth details are incomplete birth place is missing due to which the chart can not be generated and no comments can be offered about the presence of Balarishta. Third, trying to discuss such important matters on open forum does not appear to be wise; and, one should always try to contact via email for paid consultancy.

Does he have Balaarishtam dosham Regards Sree. My daughter DOB 11oct time am ojhar nasik maharatra sir is balarishta dosh is there. Sun and Mars is mrityu bhaga, moon is in eight house, Mercury is combust, Venus neech 7 and 12 lord Saturn in lagna…. Plz reply. My daughter is born on Dec 18th, at According to astrologer she will be having bad health when she is child. Does she has any dosha? Hi Sir , My son date of birth is 16 jan time of birth- am ,Place of birth — Melbourne Australia.

Please let me know there is any dosha. Presence of the Sun in first house of his Lagna Chart is also not looking good for health. In my opinion, Balarishta is present in his horoscope.

Chapter VI. On Balarishta Or Early Death

For more details or queries, please send your message at contact horoscopeastrologer. Hello sir My brother son date of birth 13 October Time 8. Location karad satara maharashtra. He has suffering some health problem. Does he have a balarisht dosha? Please confirm.

My daughters birth details are May 7, in Sacramento California at 3. According to an astrologer, she has a life of 1. And some other astrologer told that she will be fine after May Currently she is under Moon mahadasha and Jupiter anterdasha. Next year from May , she is under Saturn anterdasha. My only son born in 22 Jan at 2. Later he was fine and out of danger but with minor health issues after that. But in the month of Sept and Oct some thing very serious happened please let me know if he had balaristha in his kundli. I wish to know his life predictions.

I am eagerly waiting. Meri beti priyal 2 and half month ki he uska food pipe ka 1 opration hua he dusra next month me he. Uski life feb tak hi he. Ple meri beti ki kundali dekhiye. Date of birth 3 feb Time of birth 1. Please do consider that I can only reply to the email ID mentioned in your comment. There are two different comments carrying different email IDs; and, I am not sure which email ID is correct. Thus, replied to both emails. Please also consider that the blog is in English Language and I can also reply only in English Language not having the facility of typing in other languages.

Best option for such queries is to contact via email against depending upon the comments to be addressed.

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Sometimes, this is not possible for me to watch the comments on regular basis. Hello sir meri beti priyal uski kundali me balarith yog he kya. Ple reply. Time dopehar 1 bajke 11 min. Location bandra mumbai. Day friday.