Conceive baby boy hindu astrology

How To Choose The Gender Of Your Baby

How is it possible? In Astrology there are 12 Zodiac signs; 6 of them are considered as 'male'; and 6 are 'female'. If a baby was conceived when the Moon was moving through the 'male' sign, then we can conclude that this baby will be a boy.

Conceiving Baby Boy | Conceiving Baby Girl | Sex Astrologer By World Famous Astrologer Rajat Nayar

If the Moon is moving through the 'female' sign, then a girl will be born. The 'hit rate' of Dr.

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Our baby gender calendar will help you to forecast if your child will be a boy or a girl, with the help of astrological calculations. A woman can conceive three days after the appearance of menses till the 16th day. If the Sun, the Moon, Mars and Venus are in their own navamsas and Jupiter aspects the Lagna know that pregnancy has occurred provided the moment of conception is afflicted by adverse Tithi, Gandanta etc; or by the Moon occupying an unfavourable nakshatra , or the lagna rising at that moment is not afflicted by malefics and ill-placed benefics.

As per Paraasara samhitha written by paraashara rishi learn from sathguru.

Take this as information only ,if the woman conceives -. Here, night includes day-time. People are seldom aware of the exact time of conception, therefore, traditionally these and other relevant planetary combinations a few cited hereat if found present in the prasna-charts are taken to indicate same results. Varahamihira states that powerful lagna , The Sun, the Moon and Jupiter situated in odd signs or navamsas cause masculine birth, in even signs and navamsas feminine birth or if Jupiter and the Sun are in odd signs then a male is born, if Venus, Mars and the Moon are in even signs, a female is born; Saturn occupying odd signs from the lagna excepting the lagna causes male birth.

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He has also given yogas indicating birth of eunuchs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Census of India, Office of the Supdt. Of govt. Suryanarain Rao.

Raman Publications. Jatak Tattwam Streejataka sutras , Ranjan Publications. Motilal Banarsidass. Jataka Parijata Vol.

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