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Paul Greco, has been working as a music producer in the advertising industry since and now works at the agency J Walter Thompson New York. He says in all his years in the industry, he hasn't once licensed the song, nor could he think of any notable ads that had used it.

Ideas involving children's birthday parties would often be tossed because of the licensing fee, Greco says, or his team would create its own music or pick a song that was in the public domain. The song is probably heard in movies and on television more because the licensing fee is cheaper, he says, since the aim is not to help a brand sell its product.

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Another common place you won't hear the song is during birthday celebrations at chain restaurants. Some chains have written their own birthday songs to avoid paying licensing fees, according to Brauneis.

With the emergence of the sound chip card in the s, greeting card companies also came up with creative alternatives to using Happy Birthday To You. David Ellis Dickerson, who worked at Hallmark as a greeting card writer and editor from to , said the profit margin on cards was already so small that paying the licensing fee to use the song in every single card was out of the question. But in recent years writers have begun to make fun of the fact that they can't include the song because of the licensing fee.

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In a episode of the NBC sitcom 30 Rock, the show's crew throws a birthday party when the song's copyright comes up. They only manage to get out "Happy" before they're cut off by the entrance of another character, who spares 30 Rock from paying the fee.

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Last year, late night show host Stephen Colbert mocked the copyright on the 90th anniversary of the supposed publication date of the song. He wished the song a happy birthday and began to sing the familiar song when a screen popped up that said - "Sorry! Technical difficulties. Now we all get to sing happy birthday for free," he crooned.

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These jokes highlight the dissonance between the song's ubiquity in American culture—its transcendence of social class, age and geography—Thompson says, and the fact that a single company holds exclusive rights to it and charges a fee for using it in public performances.

The most common song you can't sing in public 15 September Image copyright University of Louisville Image caption A portion of a music manuscript for Happy Birthday's predecessor - "Good Morning to All" Happy Birthday To You is a staple of birthday parties around the world - but it can't be sung on TV or in movies and other public performances without paying a hefty sum.

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